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Child & Adolescent Therapy

Children and adolescents are precious. They are also very difficult to understand because they have their own views of the world and those views do not fit well with adult ideas of how things should be.

Children are naturally carefree.  This is how they were meant to experience the world.  As one year adds to another, so do their cares add to each other.  Sometimes kids take on too many cares and this distresses them.  Sometimes kids dismiss the cares of themselves and others and this distresses their parents.  The formation of a stable and healthy identify is difficult.

The role of the therapist in working with children and adolescents is to be an artist.  Not with a blank canvas, but, rather, with a canvas that already has a size and a dimension that is somewhat determined.  Colours, shapes, and lines are still indistinct.  Our role is to put the brush in the hand of the child and allow the gentle guidance of a seasoned artist to instruct them to create their masterpiece.

The goal is to help create a masterpiece of a unique fingerprint of caring, connection, and creativity.

Kamloops Center for Therapy | ElleMoulton@gmail.com | Tel: (250) 828-1613 Text: (778) 538-1613